Sustainable Kitchen Put on Hold

(Photo Created by: LG)

Three years ago, LG proposed the Smart Manager Refrigerator at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, but with a price tag that was three times more than an ordinary fridge and technology being so advanced than people’s preferences, LG stopped selling the consumer version of the fridge in the U.S. With the kitchen being the only place in the home where extreme temperatures are produced, much greening history has been achieved by making major appliances. Some green advancements are more expensive than others because of research and development and also because of the new materials and processes they require. One way to bring consumers to greener kitchens is to highlight certain practices that happen to be environmental friendly and human health says Ms. Fleur Gadd, a researcher at The Big Picture, a British design research agency that has looked closely at food and cooking in an environmental context.


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