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William is a founding partner of SHoP. William has held integral roles on significant international and master planning work with clients such as Bureau of Overseas Building Operations within the State Department, Botswana Innovation Hub, Forest City Ratner Companies, and Google Inc. William has held key leadership positions on all of SHoP’s institutional and master planning work in Africa leading all knowledge transfer initiatives with organizations including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Justice & Security, and Microsoft Corporation.


Chris Sharples is a Founding Principal of SHoP. Chris holds Bachelor of History and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Dickinson College, and his Master of Architecture from Columbia University (1990) graduating with honors for excellence in design. He has taught at Cornell University, Parsons School of Design, The City College, City University of New York, Columbia University, and the University of Virginia. He has also lectured, exhibited, and been published internationally. Chris has served as Principal for many significant institutional and public projects including the Barclays Center, the East River Waterfront, Google Headquarters, and currently, New York City’s Andy Warhol Museum.

Host is charged with shaping the ForeFront2050 vision and directing content focused on meeting 2050 sustainability targets. She gained her formal education from both NYU and Lehman College majoring in Business Law, Economics and Marketing.





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