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Solar Roadways suggests an idea where the classic petroleum-asphalt materials utilized for highway construction and maintenance are replaced with a system of structurally engineered solar panels. The solar panels provide an endless array of benefits over that of a traditional road system. Firstly, the lifetime of Solar Roadway surpasses that of the asphalt pavement, the solar panel is engineered with super-strong textured glass that can resist up to 125 tons of weight. If by any chance one of these panels were to break due to an extensive force then the maintenance is relatively simple, just replace the damaged panel. The engineers of the Solar Roadways solar panel have incorporated an energy generator that was designed to feed the grid during the daytime and have the potential to use any surplus of energy to recharge the batteries of electrical cars. The incorporated generator would also serve as the source of heat that would allow the solar roadway to resist the elements (i.e. snow and ice). Perhaps the designs greatest attribute would be its effect on the environment, both promoting the sustainability and depress the carbon footprint. If the asphalt roadway system that is current were to be replaced by solar panels, there would be a potential need for the generation of three times the amount of energy used by the United States. Additionally, it would hinder the greenhouse gas output by putting a drastic cut in fossil fuel burning and tailpipe emissions.


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