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Mayor de Blasio announced a project on Monday, September 29th, 2014, that would require $28 million into funding 24 installations of solar panels on New York City public schools. This is the first action taken towards the “One City, Built to Last” Initiative, of which hopes to reduce the cities carbon footprint by 80% by 2050. The solar panels are expected to produce 6.25 MW of electricity consequentially reducing emissions by 2,800 metric tons per year, namely, an equivalence of 600 cars. These systems will not only provide a source of green energy but also provide the students with a learning experience. By demonstrating via dashboards, web portals and live feed of the systems electrical generation, emissions were avoided. The Mayor would like to incorporate 300 public buildings in this green initiative in order to produce approximately 100 MW of electricity. It is not clear which buildings will undergo the sustainable makeover, however, it is being discussed as to whether the Capital Building should serve as a candidate for the addition of solar panels. It will be up to the Landmarks Preservation Commission to make the final decision as to whether the solar panel installation is approved.

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