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Announced this Thursday, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is launching a $25.4 million solar panel installation project--the very first of its kind. Installation of photovoltaic solar arrays are planned to be atop the Blue and Red parking garages, located at the airports main terminal. At the project’s completion in October 2015, the solar panel arrays are predicted to produce 3 MW each, of which should provide the airport with enough power to cover 20% of its daily usage. This solar project will in turn raise the states cumulative solar capacity by roughly 20%. The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is considering this “the largest demand reduction and energy supply airport project in the world.” One fear that comes to mind as the project progresses is that whether the solar panels will handle the torments of Mother Nature. Surely solar panels have encountered ice and snow, but with their location being on the roof of a parking garage it is feared that the parking structure will not be able to stand the combined weight.


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