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Earlier this year Japan experienced a catastrophic meltdown in Fukushima, resulting in a disastrous 1,600 death. Since then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who formerly supported nuclear power, has changed his mind set on industrial energy and switched gears towards Zero-Energy Building. These ZEB office buildings are to incorporate three walls solar PV to generate electricity and direct excess electricity towards internal batteries to serve a power source for lights during night hours. The use of solar panels to generate electricity is a pre-existent strategy, however what is sparking the interest of journals are the sides of the buildings. The Zero-Energy Building intends to include more malleable and flexible solar panels to fit areas that are hard to mount. This new piece of technology will give the opportunity to maximize the area of which solar radiance can capture. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe strives to make all new public building zero-energy by 2020 and all new private buildings zero-energy by 2030.


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