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Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS), which commenced commercial operations in 2013, was given a final approval by the Obama Administration to open formally after a long period of regulatory and legal tangles. This support will prove to be an enormous milestone in the quickly emerging solar power industry, as well as the Obama Administration, marking its 50th “utility-scale renewable energy projects on public lands”. This powerhouse not only provides 550 megawatts of power, enough to power approximately 170,000 households, but also additionally synthesizes 700 employment opportunities. After settling disputes of wildlife relocation and the environmental impact that may be associated, Ivanpah made its mark in the United States as the world’s largest solar power plant. It gives hope for a new era in power generation. Although this plant is looked to as a great leap for the sustainable industry, it is met with a hint of caution for fear that environmentalists will see this as depreciation of precious uninhabited land. It will have to be seen if benefits provided from the cleaner energy will surpass the negatives of the environmental impact. Is it worth increasing the solar output by 550 MW and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by 400,000 tons/yr., if it means invading and relocating a species’ habitat? The issue is as follows: “What is worth preserving and at what cost, as the world pushes to generate more electricity from renewable sources.”


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