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When Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast in 2012, many towns were unprepared and they underestimated the distructive force of Hurricane Sandy. As a result many houses were destroyed and the total death was up to150. The total cost to repair the damages left by hurricane Sandy was an excess of $50 billion dollars. According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, AP--a program that helps homeowners reconstruct their houses--is planning on building 1,000 new construction sites and 1,500 reimbursement checks by the end of the year. However many homeowners and citizens have doubted this potential program by AP since these was little information for them.

According to DE Blasio, 878 reimbursement checks have already been sent and 727 new construction sites have been developed. AP’s goal was to complete the reconstruction project and reimbursement by the end of the year so that homeowners could settle down.

To rebuild their homes, more than 20,000 people were already applying for the AP program after Sandy hit the coast. Till the day article published, some of those homeowners haven’t yet to see any repairs made to their homes. The Mayor insisted that AP was working as fast as possible to take care of renovations. Mayor said that about 6,400 applications have now been offered to reconstruct their damaged house by AP and 4,000 of them have accepted the offer.



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