ForeFront2050 Statement of Purpose:

Forefront2050 mag is a genesis (or ground zero) of credible information on business, finance, research, politics, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructural development. We are responsible for keeping up-to-date news feed about green building and other industry updates- anything that has a significant impact on our future. In 2012, world energy consumption was about 529 quadrillion Btu. Primary energy consumption in the United States was about 95 quadrillion Btu, equal to 18 percent of world total primary energy consumption. 


If we don’t make changes now, the year 2050 will be intensely different. A rise of just two degrees is predicted to cause the disappearance of all the glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere, and raising the sea level to 25 meters higher than today. This will cause a significant amount of current land to be submerged in water. An increase of carbon emission in the air will contribute to the elimination of the Amazon, jeopardizing food production creating more famine. The significance of what the price for the missed opportunity for change is huge. Forefront2050 serves as an educational channel that integrates impact research with constructive steps to help with the required change.


Sustainable development is rapidly gaining momentum among industry leaders; more than 300 institutional investors stepped forward to the furtherance of a green economy. Forefront2050 provides a visual and verbal account of the world’s movement to meet 2050 sustainability targets for generations to come.


The Team

L. Charlie Oliver

Global Host & Executive Producter


Charlie is charged with shaping the ForeFront2050 vision and directing content focused on meeting 2050 sustainability targets. Charlie gained her formal education from both NYU and Lehman College majoring in Business Law, Economics and Marketing.

Philipp Shchekin

Co-Creative Director


At Forefront 2050, Philipp assisting with website design and social media development. Philipp received his Bachelor of Marketing and Commercial Advertising from Far Eastern Federal University (Russia). 

Ya Wang

Communications Coordinator


At ForeFront2050, Ya is tasked with social media and market development. Ya received her Masters Degree in Media Management from Fordham University.

Andrea Severiche



At ForeFront2050, Andrea uncovers the news impacting sustainable infrastructure and shares her unique viewpoint. Andrea is currently attending New York University's SCPS.

Qing (Carol) Liu



At Forefront 2050, Carol responsible for industry research and writing technical content. Carol received her Master Degree in Global Finance from Fordham University.

The 2050 Leaders
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